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Newstart Planetary Gear Boxes Co.,Ltd.

We are looking forward to powering up your machines!

It is our great privilege to acquaint you with our company, Newstart Planetary Gear Boxes Co.,Ltd. . Through over two decades in the field of planetary gearbox manufacturing, Newstart has incubated a large number of talents to support a sustainable innovation of planetary gearbox industry. The company has been evolved as a famous brand in the motion transmisssion world for its focus on product quality, consistency and service. At the same pace with the development of technology, Newstart motion products are taken largely by CNC, solar energy and automatic machinery industries. ....

Why Choose Newstart

Most complete production lines in the gearbox industry, fast manufacturing lead time, mass inputs in R&D and world-wide sales networks.

  • Complete Product Lines

    In Newstart can you obtain gearbox solutions that certainly exceed your expectation by our economic lines, high precision lines and custom-made gears.

  • Fast Lead Time

    1-2 weeks for standard product manufacturing, and 4-8 weeks for customization lines. 12 production lines and more than 450 workers avail us to make the quality delivery in time.

  • Mass R&D inputs

    Talents are the sheer driven force of technology innovation and the fresh blood to keep the enterprise evergreen. At Newstart, the execution in R&D investments is always in high profile every year.

  • Global Sales Network

    To better serve customers in the overseas markets, Newstart international team was online for over 10 years. All-weather agents and partners in the US and Europe are possible to present field service.

Design. Build. Delivery

Newstart is a complete life-cycle planetary gearbox manufacturer, covering sketch design, raw material handling, machining and engineering, product assembly and quality inspection under ISO9001.

  • A glimpse of work-shop

    There are ca. experienced 300 production workers in the Newstart facility, by whom composed of 12 production lines for both standard and customized gearbox manufacturing.

  • Centering tolerance test

    At Newstart, both the raw material and finished products won't be used unless they pass a consistant quality inspection.

  • Backlash precision test

    High precision is more an attitude than the backlash itself. It makes the finishing machining standout from the technical performance.

  • Unmanned warehouse automation

    By the state-of-the-art AGV technology, AGV automation is applied in our own warehouse. The key driven components- AGV gearboxes are masterpieces from our valued customization profolio.


Enjoy the high quality life with the safe water, comfortable environment, considerable design, efficient service and the advanced science and technology.